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Bank accounts

Offshore bank accounts are opened in a country other than the resident country of the company or private person. The offshore bank accounts will bring you numerous benefits from the financial and legal aspect.

Benefits from opening offshore bank accounts:

  • More privacy,
  • Little or no tax,
  • Better protection from local political and financial instability than in the country of residence.

HMI Advisors enables opening of bank accounts in renowned banks, without need for physical presence and deposit!

Our offer comprises 3 main groups of bank accounts.

  1. Personal bank accounts
  2. Corporate bank accounts
  3. Investment bank accounts

→ We point out that our cooperation with all offshore and international banks is in conformity with the general and international standards with respect to prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing.

Note: Before opening an account, have in mind that the Bank will perform check of each candidate (business or individual) through a Global risk database, and in case that the individual or the firm is included in that database, the account opening application shall be rejected.

NoteThe banks we represent do not open accounts for the following types of business or activities:

  • Gambling
  • Animal testing
  • Banking
  • Pyramid sales/investment schemes
  • Manufacture and sales of arms
  • Manipulation with donations collected directly from citizens (a license is required)
  • Promotion of extremist politics, religions, organizations or resistance movements
  • Any illegal activity
  • Websites with adult contents


Offer Price Quantity
Bank accounts- 480.00
Corporate bank account 690.00